S E R I E S –   W E B   N O T E S –   N O T E S   D E   L E C T U R E


Words and images
Looking into those rare moments in silent 1920s cinema when written words appear on a moving image.
1. the parrot talks back, in Harold Lloyd’s Just Neighbours
2. the race is on in The Plastic Age (1925)
3. ehtnography, sort of, in James Cruze’s Terror Island
4. the mother-load ! Words of dialogue flashed, comic-like, on the image as characters speak in a fiction film ! The Chamber Mystery (1920)
5. Another race, and another use of onscreen titles, in German-director Wilhem Prager’s documentary on the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928.
…and click on the “intertitles” tag in the “What’s On” section below for other posts dealing with this topic !

Film Cartoons from the 1920s
Reprints from US film magazines of the 1920s, having fun with cinema

Shot by shot
Silent films, shot by shot breakdown, for your analytical needs
1. Naked Hands (1918)
2. Cobra (1925)
3. The Forbidden City (1918)
4. Merry Go Round (1923)
5. The Trey o’ Hearts (1914)
6. The Show Off (1926)

Released Today
Reviving lost silent films through contemporary critical reviews, by date of (usually New York) release.
1. Dec. 4, 1926, Love’s Blindness
2. Christmas Day,1921, The Little Minister

Web Notes

I started trying the Google Notebook feature a while ago. Never really got into it consistently, though, partly because it wasn’t Safari compatible. Now it is. So I’ll be posting tidbits read as I browse the web. UPDATE: I’ve now moved all links to Evernote, a cool piece of software I’m playing around with now that allows for note-taking and information gathering across platforms, and on the web. Many softwares do that, I know, but Evernote is free, as in free.

So far, the following notebooks are opened for your browsing:

And then there’s VoodooPad…the wiki-like platform allows thoughts and tidbits to mesh into more or less coherent wholes. This is a series of projects I’m currently working on under VP, and updating regularly as I fill the gaps in information:

UPDATE Dec.8, 2008: Now if you’re really into wikis, and want an example of how research leads to utter chaos when coupled with the freedom of wikis to link and jump back and forth, you can always spend valuable time on my first effort at research tidbit web publishing, at C I N E B u D S. This used a tiddlywiki format (Ah, the days of the tiddly…), and I think I let it go because the whole thing was becoming just a mess. But now I’m not so sure….I’ve imported a few articles from that site into flycz,and flycz also is becoming a bit of a mess…Maybe research is just messy.

Well, look around, and let me know…

Notes de Lecture

Livres et articles (souvent en anglais) lus et résumés sur ce site (en français). Pour diffuser l’information sur la bibliographie (notamment de langue anglaise) portant sur le cinéma muet anglo-américain à un public francophone.

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