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Online help

So you’ve entered “Conrad Veigt” in the search box and you’ve come up short ? Here’s where you can ask your question and expect a much better answer:

  • alt.movies.silent, first and foremost; plenty of silent film devotees and experts there, with all sorts of good info on obscure tidbits.
  • The Bioscope, yet again, covers silent cinema pretty extensively–and from a British perspective, too.
  • Silent Era will help you keep updated on DVD releases and on different DVD editions of any silent film. Check it, and check it often !
  • Technically, you can’t ask David Bordwell a question, but you’d be crazy to ignore his blog. How cool is that ? How many professors in his position in any field would take the time to write clear, jargon-free, accessible, and thorough posts on cinema ancient and modern ? The intro to serious film study on the web, imho.

Let me know if you’ve got other reliable sources on the web where you can ask a question on silent film stuff, and get a good knowledgeable answer.

Online Librairies

If you’re looking for books on silent cinema to read online, I have only one word for you: THE BIOSCOPE LIBRARY. Submit a link if, by chance, there’s a title that’s missing — though I doubt it. If it’s online, freely accessible, and deals with silent cinema, it’s in the Bioscope’s library.

Want an easy entry into silent film bibliography ? Check out the list of silent film books in the British Library tagged by film scholars as belonging to silent film studies (a fantastic project launched July 27, 2009)

The SILENT FILM BOOKSHELF has many reprints of original 1910-1920 articles and books freely available.

The BIBLIOTHÈQUE NUMÉRIQUE DU CINÉMA run by the Cinémathèque Française has digitized its collection of books dealing with pre-cinema and cinema, from the 16th century to 1938. Treasures ahead !

And of course, a trip to the Internet Archives is highly recommended.

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