Online Silent Films

Lots of you come to this site and search for “silent films online” or such. Search no longer.

  • the most comprehensive resource page for all sitesloads and loads of resources from The Bioscope video page ! offering silent films online is the video page from The Bioscope. It starts with silent films on DVD, but scroll down and you get to the online silent part, with lots and lots of sites.
  • of course, a standard VideoGoogle search by date will yield more silent films than you wish. And, yes, there’s no telling what’s copyrighted and what’s not. Here’s what I do: I use Miro, a good and stable application that lets you search, download, and conveniently view the films whenever you have the time.

This screen capture will give you an idea of what I have on the computer so far. There’s probably lots more. And of course the copies are poor quality due to the youtube upload, and there’s no telling how long or how lawful all this is. But still, it’s there and no one’s making any money out of it.

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  • The Rise and Fall of

    Lou-Tellegan, a youth from the Netherlands, become one of the most celebrated men in the world. Before he was famous, he was a boxer, a circus trapeze artist, a nude Rodin model, and an eager but obscure actor with Eleonora Duse. Renowned actress Sarah Bernhardt made him a star, and Geraldine Farrar, the greatest singer in the world, married him. Hollywood snapped him up for silent movies, and Lou lived life to the fullest by making and spending millions. He could speak five languages, and he had been a renowned stage actor, but topsy turvy Hollywood spiraled into chaos during the industry’s transition from silence to sound, and he fell victim to producer’s uncertainty. He spent his last days living in a tragic mansion haunted by mysterious suicides and untimely deaths. Distraught, unemployed, and without hope, on one dark day, the magic of his incredible storybook life came suddenly to a shocking end that stunned the entire world. The rise and fall of Lou-Tellegen is revealed in a richly researched biography, a detailed filmography, and hundreds of rare photographs that capture the glamour and excitement of Hollywood’s Golden Era.

    Available at

    David W. Menefee is the author of:
    Sarah Bernhardt in the Theater of Films and Sound Recordings
    Wally: The True Wallace Reid Story
    The First Female Stars: Women of the Silent Era
    The First Male Stars: Men of the Silent Era
    Richard Barthelmess: A Life in Pictures
    “Otay!” The Billy “Buckwheat” Thomas Story
    Wally: The True Wallace Reid Story
    The Rise and Fall of Lou-Tellegen
    Charlie O’Doone’s Second Chance and Other Stories
    Margot Cranston: The Mystery at Loon Lake
    Margot Cranston: The Secret of St. Laurent Lighthouse
    Margot Cranston: The Mystery at Loon Lake
    Margot Cranston: The Quest for the Jade Dragons
    Falling Stars: 10 Who Tried to Be a Movie Star
    George O’Brien: A Man’s Man in Hollywood

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