Recall: a research project

January 8, 2014 § 2 Comments

any work done on the process of recalling a film? On what magicians call “reconstruction” and which is thought of as part of the whole magic trick (as in, it is important that audiences remember the trick as magic, not as a method easily explained)?

—> looking at 1920s novelised versions of films as “reconstruction” process that draws attention to the magic of the film?

how about the issue of ‘misremembering’?

an audience study (through questionnaires etc.) of audience recall of films?
are there films that audiences remember better than others
is recall linked to how attentive audiences are
what do audiences recall? what do audiences not recall?
recall vs reconstruction of films
recall and film narrative strategies

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§ 2 Responses to Recall: a research project

  • Naïve Spectator says:

    Yes. Annette Kuhn’s Dreaming of Fred and Ginger comes to mind:
    Also, Patricia White’s Uninvited talks about something she calls “retrospectatorship” — although she’s specifically thinking about queer spectatorship.

  • Fabrice says:

    Thanks Naive Spectator!
    Based on this ( White’s concept of “retrospectatorship” (I have not read Uninvited!) sounds a bit different from what I have in mind. I’m thinking more of understanding the process of recall as part of the immediate life of the film text and its operations, not so much revisiting old films in a process of appropriation. In magic theory “reconstruction” is explicitly part of the magician’s tool kit, and part of the act. I’d be intrigued to explore how recall is built within the film text, as part of the “now you see it now you don’t” act of film worlds.
    Kuhn’s book has been on my pile of must-reads for quite a while (sad face)…

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