This is pantomime ?

May 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

An example of silent film acting, middle-of-the-road mainstream light comedy-drama set in contemporary surroundings: from The Show Off (1926) :

Three short shots, with a range of feelings expressed, from physical exhaustion (with some leftover, marginal hope that marital life will still turn out ok, in the non-aggressive, little-girl acceptance of exhaustion) to a mother’s care and worry. None of it achieved through rolling eyes or outrageous pantomime as usual clichĂ©s would have it. Incidentally, also an example of intertitles that complement meaning and should not be necessarily avoided. Time to accept US silent cinema for the complete artform that it was and stop grading it according to artsy concepts in vogue, if at all, in other silent cinema critical apparatus (apparati?).


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