8000 AND ONE !!

August 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

8001 hits to FLYCZ ! Now I’m impressed…This started as just a way to store thoughts and tidbits that I didn’t want to lose yet could not find a place to store. Half-baked cookies so to speak.Yet some 400 of you out there, come what may, visit this site every month. I realize that by Internet standard 8000 hits is a paltry, miserable figure, yet I’m impressed. And I’d be very curious to know what you have found of interest on this site, and where you think I could improve things.

(hint: don’t even try to tell me to get the site more organized, that’s a dead end right there)

As it is, the site is taking a back seat these days as I’m furiously finishing writing my dissertation (am doing 10 pages a day, feeling pretty good about it too). But I’ll be back posting soon you just wait and see.

Actually no, don’t just wait and see Take this as your opportunity to speak up and let me know about your experience here at FLYCZ.

And thanks for all those visits !!


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