Warner Archive selling silents on demand

March 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

Cool news at the alt.movies.silent discussion group:

Lloyd Fonvielle – Mar 22, 7:01 pm

Exciting news from Warner Home Video just breaking.  At their online site they’re offering on-demand DVDs of films they don’t plan to release to the wider market.  These will be professional quality DVDs, with 16×9 enhancement for the widescreen titles, though I assume without any extras.  $19.99 per title. 

Several silent features in the first offering, including “Wild Orchids” and “Love” with Garbo.  Among talkies, “Westbound” — the only Scott-Boetticher Western still unavailable on DVD.  

If this catches on it could be an incredible boon to film buffs, especially silent film buffs. 

More info here: 


dr.giraud – Mar 22, 9:44 pm
This is excellent news. 
Other silents in the first wave include Garbo’s THE KISS and THE 
SINGLE STANDARD; and Marian Davies in THE RED MILL. dr. giraud 

Harold Aherne – Mar 23, 12:57 am

<chohensteGeneRobin@sbcglobal.net> wrote: 

> Does anyone know when this program will begin and what web page will be 
> used to take orders? 

A few members of the Home Theater Forum have begun placing orders 
already, some receiving error message from the website yet receiving e- 
mails implying that their order was a success. I would guess the 
program begins in earnest this week. They can be ordered at 
There is continuing uncertainty as to whether they’ll be DVD-R or 
“pressed” DVDs. Warner Home Video will chat with the Home Theater 
Forum tomorrow night and many of these questions should be answered. 
In addition, WHV is not currently shipping these titles to addresses 
outside the U.S.
, which has caused a torrent of protest at the HTF. 

Silents included in the first batch of releases: 
Scaramouche (1923) 
Souls for Sale (1923) 
The Red Lily (1924) 
Exit Smiling (1926) 
The Temptress (1926) 
Love (1927) 
The Red Mill (1927) 
Spring Fever (1927) 
The Smart Set (1928) 
The Trail of ’98 (1928) 
Wild Orchids (1929) 
The Single Standard (1929) 
The Kiss (1929) 

I would assume that the first nine titles use the same prints and 
scores that have premiered on TCM in recent years. “The Trail of ’98” 
has had a score for some time, and I believe the three Garbo films use 
the original Movietone tracks. 

In addition, talkies up to 1970 are listed in alphabetical and 
chronological order at 


ach, not currently shipping outside the U.S…we’ll keep you posted here.


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