New feature: ask flycz !

November 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

I was browsing thru the list of terms that visitors to this site have searched for, using our right-hand search box. While most of you have probably found a nugget or two around the site in answer to your queries, some off you must have come up empty-handed: “sammlung silent films” ? (turns out “Sammlung” in German means “collection”, but, sadly and to my deep regret, I don’t speak nor write German…and in any case, I don’t have much in terms of collection of silent films online as The Bioscope has a whole page listing online resources). Or “how to make a fighting film” ? (now that‘s an interesting one. And I do have a few ideas about that, too…)

So methought I’d start a new feature: the ask-a-flycz page ! Have a question on silent films, don’t know where to ask, or don’t dare to ask it to your prof ? The flycz will try to help you out.

That’s all I can promise: I’ll try. When I know the answer, I’ll post it on that same page, so all can benefit form it. When I don’t know the answer, I’ll direct you where you may find an answer. Deal ?

I have no idea if you will have any needs for it. So I’ve launched it the easy way: it’s a simple page where you may use the comment function to ask your question; I’ll reply on that same page. 

Now if that proves popular (hm, as popular as a page about silent films may be, that is), we’ll see if we can’t come up with a more elegant design solution for it. And if it proves absolutely useless, I’ll just yank it in a month or two.

Meanwhile, ask away !


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