Dear daily chores

August 16, 2007 § 1 Comment

You have a friend in academia and you think he’s shooting crap all day ? Ever wondered what a routine day could look like when all one does is research ? This is what my daily schedule should look like right now:

  • start the day with a review of the latest posts, mostly from alt.movies.silent and from the invaluable Bioscope, with an occasional sprinkling of the crowd roars, film of the year, and
  • write my own. The reason for this is that ideas generated at night-time (the last ten minutes before drifting to sleep are surprisingly prolific, wouldn’t you say?) need to be processed the morning after (sorry for the analogy here).
  • afternoons: read latest books received/ view (and analyze: shot by shot, metrics, and so on… cinemetrics-style) films. Late afternoons may see me back at the writing desk.

(and, no, I’m not teaching right now)


§ One Response to Dear daily chores

  • Anna says:

    Very kind of you to mention my blog and very nice that you are back at it on yours. I wasn’t sure if you were going to keep updating it. It’s interesting to hear that you are working on research and I’ll definitely come back to hear about the progress. (I am trying to get started with an MPhil myself and will definitely be interested in reading another person’s thoughts on the writing process – especially when it’s about 1920s cinema!) Now that you’re updating so often, I’ll make sure to come back and check it out:)

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