Nordisk Film

February 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

World Record Nordisk Film Centenary
I was intrigued, in this article from the magazine of the Danish Film Institute called Film (latest issue available here), to read about the material that made Nordisk (and its producer Olsen) famous in the 1907-1920’s: if it had an exotic setting, if it dealt in something exotic, a bear hunt in Russia, a lion hunt somewhere in Copenhaguen-recreated Sahara, or a love story

in the desert-like dunes of Råbjerg Mile on the tip of Jutland

(and how about 3 films with the same star and title released 3 consequent years with similar story lines: Gunnar Tolnaes as the Maharaja in Oriental Love), then it was popular throughout Europe. Even Dreyer started by writing some of that mysterious-lady-mysterious-poison stuff. Hollywood was of course doing the same thing then, and for the same reasons. The taste for oriental hokum was widespread, not least in Europe.


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