the useless gal and the atheist

January 22, 2007 § Leave a comment

The Fantastic Voyage (1966)

A trip inside the body of important scientist who needs brain clout removed. With Raquelle Welch what do you expect but…

…a stiff performance. The question is what is she doing inside the sub, since she does nothing aboard — while the four men around her are all technicians of something. Useless as they come, good enough to be attacked by anti-bodies, she’s really a sad statement on the technical male mind circa1966. Also disappointing is the soul/miracle line that identifies early the good American scientist and the atheistic saboteur — and creationism:

you can’t tell me you believe all this was created by accident !

if this was such standard cultural dogma 40 years ago, it’s not hard to see where those anti-evolution folks today are coming from. The real miracle is that it only took 40 years to move such pseudo-scientific hogwash to the sidelines and focus on real science.


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